Individuals are no longer bound to a single country when they own dual citizenship or a second passport. Dual citizenship provides at least one additional option for living, working, doing business, investing and moving your family.

We constantly think about how to increase the quality and opportunities in our lives. We spend years planning the most comfortable conditions we can offer our children. Money, assets, and education are those that come first to mind. However, if we are not prepared ahead, our hard-earned assets might only last for one generation. It is, therefore, crucial to have a long-term strategy for your family and generations to come.

Golden Ticket to Freedom

The truth is that opportunity is the most valuable gift in life. When people own dual citizenship, they have more options and flexibility in life. This is inclusive of where they may live, work, retire, start a business, and so on.

The rights provided for us by a single government no longer limit us. Due to our conscious and informed decision today, our children may be able to acquire dual citizenship as well. Thus, giving them increased privileges with second passport is an incredibly intelligent act.

You can access many new places to reside depending on which country you select for your second citizenship. Dual citizenship is no longer a luxury, it is a real necessity in an uncertain world.

A Lifetime Insurance Policy: Dual Citizenship

Sometimes people move to a country and spend years working and living there, with no possibility to become a citizen. Therefore, it’s important to do proper research before you jump on such a journey. Moreover, you should also opt for a second passport that is fast to acquire and secure.

In other words, it’s a privilege that we are still allowed to obtain dual citizenship easily by investment. Certainly, this may not be the case in the years to come. To clarify, citizenship by investment programs are directly related to a country’s sovereignty right. Hence, countries have the right to cancel such a program easily. As a result, you should try it before such opportunity vanishes.

More people than ever in the world’s history are pulling a backup plan, just in case. For some, like US citizens it may be tax-related escapism. For others, dual citizenship is a peace of mind to stop the background noise of life and open doors.

Easy way to visa free travel

We can only control what we have, so why not have a game plan for your family? There is no better investment than adding value to yourself and your loved ones. You can leave without packing in case of an emergency but you can’t leave without a passport. Consequently, when you own a second passport, you own your freedom.

Among the countless benefits of having dual citizenship is the freedom of movement. We are all equal in theory. However, we are bound to the travel restrictions of the passport we hold. This means that citizens of certain countries enjoy broader rights to travel freely.

You too can do something about it and change the destiny of your family entirely. For instance, holders of the passport of the Republic of Turkey can travel freely to +110 countries. This includes visa-free countries, visa on arrival, and eTA.

Have a second home

Moreover, when you secure a second passport, you are free to travel between the countries of your nationalities. You will always be welcomed as a local and can stay as long as you wish. For instance, you can enjoy a certain time of the year at your property in the Mediterranean.  At the same time, you can receive rental income from your properties in your birth country.

A second nationality is something that’s usually earned at a later stage in life. This doesn’t obstruct you to hold the same rights and privileges just like other nationals who were born there. There has never been a better time to upgrade your life and live freely as you deserve.

Similarly, people are becoming smarter investors. Early adopters of dual citizenship are shifting resources from traditional portfolios towards citizenship by investment programs. Because of the general distrust and uncertainty climate, obtaining multiple passports is the new sign of wealth.

Financial and Business Opportunities Await

You should make sure that your second passport provides you with financial freedom when planning for dual citizenship. It should provide you with rights to open bank accounts and apply for a loan from local financial institutions.

Financial discretion and flexibility are important criteria when considering second citizenship. We are all entitled to operate businesses and contribute to the economy when we are citizens of a country. There’s detailed information on our website titled How to Start a Business in Turkey for those interested in learning more.

In the same vein, you should be able to spend and invest your money as you choose. It is common to see that obtaining dual citizenship opens up more business opportunities. Your business can also take advantage of the international trade agreements that your new citizenship country is a part of. It also makes it possible to invest in assets and businesses restricted to the citizens of that country. In other words, you can incorporate a business and pay taxes at the local rate if you have a second citizenship.

Hold the Keys to Your Life with Dual Citizenship

Having multiple citizenships is a true demonstration of wealth in today’s globalizing world. It is also a great investment for people who live an international lifestyle. In summary, dual citizenship holders reap the benefits of both nations, including the right to live and work in both.

It allows easier movement across nations and offers up prospects for property ownership and business in both countries. Turkey allows multiple citizenships. In other words, there are no conditions that require the applicant to renounce previous citizenship. Turkey welcomes you regardless of the number or origin of your other passports.

If you are interested, we can help you check whether your current country allows dual passports. Moreover, you can read more in detail about the citizenship by investment program in Turkey here.

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