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Founding Partner


Founding Partner

Direct communication with English speaking Lawyers in Turkey


One of the most challenging aspects of being an English-speaking foreigner in Turkey is finding legal representation that you can communicate with comfortably. However, your search for “English speaking attorney Turkey” can now end with Turkish Lawyer Kaan Beylen and Turkish lawyer Ece Özlü Beylen. In other words, after meeting with Kaan Beylen and Ece Özlü Beylen, you don’t have to worry about finding a lawyer in Turkey anymore.


No more Google search for Attorney Turkey!


These two lawyers in Izmir are not only fluent in English but also experts in various fields of law. To clarify, These two English speaking attorneys’ expertise includes Real Estate Law, Trade Law, Corporate Law, Malpractice Lawsuits and Intellectual Property Rights. Whether you’re in search of an attorney Turkey or an English speaking lawyer Turkey as a solution partner, selecting Kaan Beylen and Ece Özlü Beylen guarantees proficient handling of your legal needs. Trustworthy, skilled, and English-speaking lawyers in Turkey, offer the assurance you seek in legal representation or co-operation.


Trustable Lawyers in Turkey


Of course, when it comes to legal representation, it’s not only important to find someone who you can directly communicate with but also someone you can trust. Ece Özlü Beylen and Kaan Beylen are not only certified Turkish lawyers who are registered to the Izmir Bar Association. Moreover, they are known for their diligent method of work. They will work closely with you to understand your legal needs and provide you with a personalized approach to your case. These attorneys in Turkey assure credibility and an adept approach. Collaboratively, they delve into your Lawyer in Turkey requirements, fashioning a tailored strategy for your case.


Excellent Customer Care from English Speaking Lawyer Turkey


Kaan Beylen and Ece Özlü Beylen are not only experts in their field, but they are also dedicated to providing excellent customer service. They understand that legal issues can be stressful and overwhelming. Therefore, they make sure to keep their clients informed and involved throughout the entire process. By choosing Kaan Beylen and Ece Özlü Beylen as your lawyers, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

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Team Members

Team members of TURK FORTUNE has a broad history of experience in numerous fields of law in Turkey.

Our team have helped hundreds of companies and individuals. Most importantly, our English speaking lawyers and team members have the methodical work approach that comprehends your needs.

Each team member worked for big companies or law firms for years; serving top tier clients just before deciding on bringing all that experience under the roof of TURK FORTUNE.

We do not offer any service that we are not confident about.

Best way to try us is asking questions! We are generous on providing information from our experiences.


We believe that the lands of Anatolia provides a fortune for anyone who is brave enough to take a step in.

Fortuna is an unpredictable Roman goddess who is actually an adaptation of the Greek goddess Tyche who is present in our logo. Guess where the last temples of Tyche is in? Yes, Turkey! She was the goddess of luck and unexpected victories.

People who are calling shots at TURK FORTUNE are certified Turkish lawyers, all other team members are being chosen if there is a necessity in accordance with the clients’ needs.

Your Ambassadors in Turkey







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