Turk Fortune Team provides end-to-end services through the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program. Your Turkish passport is closer than you think. All you need to do is to take a step towards your new life and contact Turk Fortune.


Buying a property in Turkey can be tricky without a trusted partner. Therefore instead of getting lost in a foreign country, Turk Fortune presents you the option to invest and live like a local. We invite you to enjoy our transparent approach.


Doing business in Turkey is easy with the right team. Do you wish to have bank accounts, learn taxation, have a company and meet compliance goals in Turkey? You are at the right place! Let us present you your individual solution. Just contact us and relax!


Turk Fortune proudly introduces you to a brand new project! Explore your options before it is too late.

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Turk Fortune, empowers clients and readers to get over their prejudice and think about the potential.

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Turk Fortune does not asks for more than what they should know, and keep every bit of data under high protection.

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What is Turk Fortune?

Turk Fortune is a brand powered by lawyers, accountants and real estate agents to light your path through Turkey. We are a team of competent professionals, who assist clients to start business, buy property, upgrade their passports, increase their mobility and help them through their dreams and plans in Turkey.

Every client comes with a unique story. Therefore, our scope of work changes every time as every client requires customized solutions for their life or business decisions. We listen, plan and take action accordingly.

We listen carefully and attend respectfully; since we have been living in the middle of two continents, we have the natural sense of empathy both for western and eastern civilizations. You name the game; we have the team.

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06.01.2022 Changes in the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

Our partner Ece Özlü is explaining the recent changes in TCIP that affects both previous investors who acquired citizenship and people who are looking forward to acquire it. According to the recent changes it is now mandatory to open a bank account in Turkey to exchange your investment funds into Turkish Liras before applying for citizenship.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment in a Nutshell

Our Partner Kaan Beylen is providing a brief insight about the fundamentals of Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program. Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program’s global popularity, real estate investment, bank deposit option, client profiles, application options, timeline and benefits of the program are mentioned in this video

Taxes, Fees, Restrictions and Incentives of Purchasing Property in Turkey

Our partner Ece Özlü is breaking down the financial necessities of purchasing a property in Turkey for a foreginer. She covers taxes, fees, restrictions and incentives related to real estate purchase in Turkey.

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Anyone who wants to be freed from the invisible chains of governments, should invest for increased mobility. Multiple citizenship, is the legal way to protect your freedom from fast-changing regulations and tax policies.

Remember; your nationality never have to be a lifelong relationship, but it might be a good shield when needed.

In fact, you can choose your own weapon of choice, combine passports and divide your investments. Just be open to possibilities, be ready to explore, be ready for new experiences and start planning your life. Don’t forget, fortune favors the bold!


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In this article, we will be explaining the real cost of purchasing a property in Turkey. As a natural result of the Turkish citizenship program, the most popular option is, investing $250,000 in real estate. Certainly, smart investors...

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