Sığacık is in Seferihisar, which is the first “cittaslow” city of Turkey. Sığacık is a small fishing town that is within the borders of Izmir.


Do not think that it is just another dull small town where nothing happens! Every Sunday, locals set up the open market all around the city, full of fresh homemade Turkish food and craftwork. Therefore, every Sunday is like a festival in Sığacık.

Sığacık is what we have all missed, the address of peace, unity and kindness.

Sığacık offers the organic life that we have all been seeking, not as a luxury but as a lifestyle. It is a colourful small town that is only 50 minutes away from Izmir city center.

On sundays, everyone takes the fresh fruits and vegetables they grow in their own gardens, Aegean herbs or whatever they cook that day, display them in front of their house and offer guests to take a bite or buy, along with nice conversations and friendly smiles.

Aside from the blue flag coves nearby, this town’s charm offer a nice stay for all guests. Which makes hotels fully booked in advance, without the need of further advertisement.

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A seaside detached building in Sığacık Marina

•  10+ rooms

•  4 bathrooms

This building is located within the old fortress. Whereas its land area is 200 sq. mt. and in two floors total area of usage is 400 sq. mt.

The building is located by the sea. Therefore, it has the view of the old fortress, Teos marina and Sığacık bay.

Due to its central location, it is suitable to be used as a boutique hotel, cafe, restaurant, craftwork atelier, handmade soap workshop or any other investment instrument.

Price: 6,600,000-TRY



Suitable for multiple Turkish Citizenship by Investment applications.

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