Venus Residence Izmir offers a priviledged life in the center of the city where you can enjoy life itself; simply by introducing you the “pearl of Aegean”, Izmir.



  • Sea view
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Gym and fitness center
  • Sauna and spa
  • Meeting rooms
  • Playground
  • Indoor parking space
  • 7/24 private security
  • Sun terrace
  • Jogging area
  • Garden
  • Cafes & Reataurants
  • Private balconies
  • Stores / Shopping Mall

Luxury penthouse and private rooftop garden options possible.

1+1 Type Apartments

  • 87 sq. mt. gross area minimum

2+1 Type Apartments

  • 167 sq. mt. gross area minimum
  •  2 bahtrooms

3+1 Type Apartments

  • 220 sq. mt. gross area minimum
  • 2 bathrooms
  •  Laundry room

4+1 Type Apartments

  • 288 sq. mt. gross area minimum
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Laundry room



•  170+ homes

•  15 commercial areas in a total 2200 sq. mt. area

•  (1+1), (2+1), (3+1), (3+1) dublex, (4+1) options

• Outside pool, sunroof terrace, playground, jogging area, indoors parking lot, classy cafes and restaurants

Suitable for Turkish Citizenship by Investment application.

Venus Residence Izmir brings the beautiful sunsets over the Aegean sea to your living room, with its only 750m distance from the coast. This project lets its guest to take over the city as well as the sparkles of the sea at breezy Izmir nights.

Venus Residence Izmir offers you a comfortable and classy life, where you can rule the city with Alsancak just 2 km away.

Three of the deep-rooted universities of Izmir are located within 9 km distance to Venus Residence. One of the most well-equipped hospitals is walking distance from Venus Residence, whereas six others are located within 7 km distance. Moreover, Venus Residence is located 2km away from Kültürpark, where various concerts and events take place every year such as the Izmir International Fair.


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Izmir offers you a comfortable life away from the chaos of a metropolitan city yet with all the advantages of it. With a high quality of life; productive and dynamic population of 4.4 million; an international commercial port which makes the city the 2nd largest trade center of Turkey; no wonder why Izmir has been listed among the best and brightest investment destinations in Europe by FDI intelligence on March 2022.

It is one of the most modern and well-developed, yet peaceful city in Turkey; where many gorgeous Mediterranean towns are only an hour or two away, as if the city’s sparkling social life, historical and natural heritages, various cultural events and local cuisine weren’t enough.


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turk-fortune_venus-residence_izmir-estate_pasaport iskele izmir
Start your day with a traditional honey-yoghurt or baked-egg and “Boyoz” breakfast in Kemeraltı, which is the historical old-bazaar of Izmir, drink your morning coffee at Kızlarağası; visit Çeşme for a day of wind surfing and enjoy the nightlife of Alaçatı with the latest signature cocktails of this small but classy seaside town. You can go to Tire for delicious Aegean herbs and cuisine, or to Foça for a peaceful day at a small fishing town and even discover the natural beauty of Aegean coves with daily boat trips, just with an hour or two drive away from your home at Venus Residence Izmir.



  • Alsancak 2 km (Downtown)
  • Bostanlı 15 km (Downtown)
  • Popular vacation spots (Alaçatı, Kuşadası, Urla) 1 hour drive
  • 3 universities within 9 km
  • 7 hospitals within 7km
  • +10 primary schools within 4 km
  • +10 high schools within 5 km

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