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Taxes, Fees, Restrictions and Incentives of Purchasing Property in Turkey

Our partner Ece Özlü is breaking down the financial necessities of purchasing a property in Turkey for a foreginer. She covers taxes, fees, restrictions and incentives related to real estate purchase in Turkey.

Why Cryptocurrency Investors Must Get a Second Passport?

Our Partner Kaan Beylen is providing the 3 Major Benefits of Turkish citizenship by investment program for cryprocurrency investors. Watch this video to get a better insight on the relation between the fundamentals of BITCOIN and carrying a second passport.

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In the realm of medical procedures, rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a "nose job," holds the promise of aesthetic enhancement. However, not all outcomes are positive, and instances of malpractice can cast a shadow over this sought-after procedure. Therefore it is...

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Is Bitcoin Legal in Turkey: Crypto Regulation and Court Decisions

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Artists Rights: Protection, Ownership, and Transfer of Artist Rights

The cornerstone of artist rights in Turkey is, Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works (“Law”). To clarify, it provides a robust framework for the protection, determination, and transfer of rights. This law extends its protective cover to all intellectual and...