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Turkey is a rapidly growing economy with a flourishing business landscape. However, navigating the complex legal framework can be a daunting task for both local and foreign businesses. This is where the expertise of commercial and business law attorneys can be invaluable. In this article, we will explore the nuances of commercial law in Turkey and how the lawyers at Turk Fortune can help businesses navigate the legal landscape.

What is Commercial and Business Law?

Commercial and Business Law is a branch of law that deals with the rights, relations, and conduct of businesses engaged in trade, commerce, and merchandising. It covers a wide range of areas, including contracts, sales, financing, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and more. In Turkey, business law is governed by the Turkish Commercial Code, which was enacted in 2012 and replaced the previous code that had been in place since 1956.

Turkish Commercial Code

The Turkish Commercial Code is a comprehensive piece of legislation that sets out the legal framework for commercial activities in Turkey. It covers a wide range of areas, including company formation, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial contracts. The Code also provides guidelines for bankruptcy, liquidation, and reorganization procedures.

One of the most significant changes introduced by the new Code is the introduction of the concept of a single-member company, which allows individuals to establish a limited liability company on their own, without the need for additional shareholders. This has made it easier for entrepreneurs to start businesses in Turkey and has contributed to the country’s economic growth.

Commercial Law and Foreign Investment

Turkey is a popular destination for foreign investors, with a strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and a large and growing consumer market. However, investing in Turkey can present unique challenges, such as navigating the legal landscape, understanding local business practices, and dealing with language and cultural barriers.

Commercial law attorneys can help foreign investors navigate these challenges by providing legal advice and representation in a range of areas, including investment structuring, due diligence, contract negotiation, and dispute resolution. The lawyers at Turk Fortune have extensive experience in advising foreign clients on their investments in Turkey, and can provide customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Commercial Law and Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a crucial aspect of commercial law, as it sets out the rules and procedures for the management and oversight of companies. In Turkey, corporate governance is regulated by the Capital Markets Board, which oversees the Istanbul Stock Exchange and the country’s financial markets.

The lawyers at Turk Fortune have extensive experience in advising clients on corporate governance matters, including board structure and composition, shareholder rights and duties, and disclosure requirements. They can also assist companies in developing and implementing effective compliance programs, which are essential for avoiding legal and reputational risks.

Contract Law

Contract law is a critical component of commercial law in Turkey, as it governs the legal obligations and rights of parties in business transactions. The lawyers at Turk Fortune have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating a wide range of commercial contracts, including sales agreements, distribution agreements, service contracts, and more. They can provide legal advice on contract interpretation, termination, and dispute resolution, and can assist clients in developing effective strategies to protect their interests. Whether clients are seeking to enter into a new contract or need assistance with an existing one, the lawyers at Turk Fortune have the expertise to provide practical and effective solutions to meet their needs.


Commercial law is a complex and ever-changing field, and navigating the legal landscape can be challenging for businesses in Turkey. However, with the help of experienced commercial law attorneys, businesses can ensure that they are complying with the relevant laws and regulations and are protected against legal and reputational risks. The lawyers at Turk Fortune have the knowledge and expertise to provide customized solutions to clients, whether they are local businesses or foreign investors looking to establish a presence in Turkey. Contact them today to learn more about their services and how they can help your business succeed in Turkey.

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